My List of AWESOME things in Travel

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  • Making travel arrangements; choosing my destination, surfing the internet to find the cheapest tickets, writing my itinerary
  • Buying a city/country guide book
  • Writing the “I’m out-of-office” note
  • When I cannot feel my feet or toes anymore but can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures
  • When I get lost, only to find out that I have discovered an awesome place
  • When I check into a crappy hostel, which cracks me up in laughter.
  • When I check into a hotel after being in hostels for a LONG time, and feeling the luxury of having my own bathroom, towels, & T.V.

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  • When I check in a hostel, instead of the luxury of a hotel
  • When I get over my fear of insects and undesirable creatures because I’m in Mother Africa
  • When I dare to eat local food that smells funny, tastes really bad  and gives horrible stomach aches but still happy for having the guts to try it
  • Waking up to find myself in a different city
  • Not having to worry what day it is
  • Pitying my colleagues at work and saying to myself if I was at the office now I would have been doing this and that, but all I have to do now is ENJOY
  • Packing and unpacking several time

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  • When I turn off my alarm or adjust it knowing that I won’t wake up too early for work
  • Talking to locals who don’t understand my language but trying to understand each other through language of signs
  • The feeling of being in a country that has a totally different culture
  • Trying all sort of transportation; tuktuk, micro-bus, bus, train, tram, ferry boat and bike
  • When I miss my family, my home, my bed but still don’t want to go back to my homeland
  • When I walk into a place and find out that this is my photography heaven
  • Learning few words and speaking to locals

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