New Year’s Resolutions…


It’s the beginning of a NEW Year, hoping that AMAZING EXCITING things will come our way.


on the web

on the web


My 2013 Resolutions are…

  1. Will NEVER be FAT again, will do whatever it takes to be EXTREMELY fit.
  2. Will pray MUCH more.
  3. Will become one HELL of a good Travel Blogger, buy my own domain & establish my own business around my Travel Passion.
  4. Will give more time, care & support to my family & friends.
  5. Will keep away from Politics (as I am).
  6. Will travel to cities and unknown places rather than capitals and famous places.
  7. Will network & make new friends with like minded and POSITIVE people ONLY.
  8. Will do at least one activity that requires LOTS of Adrenaline rush.
  9. Will buy a new camera.
  10.  Will visit Mother Africa again or a continent where I’ve never been.
  11.  Will swim in a river/sea/ocean where I’ve never swam.
  12. Will climb Mount Kilimanjaro or hike the Cinque Terre.
  13. Will apply in travel blogging & Photography contests & will win in at least one.
  14. Will make at least one documentary about a place that I feel attached to.
  15. Will attend one international conference about Travel Blogging.
  16. Learn first aid.
on the web

on the web


How about yours? Got any or still lazy to make your list…?







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