11 Facts that you need to know about weight loss

Okay, I am giving you these advices out of my personal experience, not to mention that I am still in the process of losing weight and getting fit, which makes me more credible than those who haven’t been through this challenge, but I am currently taking things slowly, not stressing out as before. So far I have achieved a lot, people would hardly recognize me which seemed unachievable even in my wildest dreams . I am not gonna lie to you and tell you that it is an easy task, I can only tell you that it is achievable and worth achieving.

The decision has to come from your subconscious combined with your will, commitment, patience and persistence which are key to reaching your goal. So, if you are not willing to give up on a delicious fatty late dinner with your family, or a quick mouth-watering dessert with a friend, or eating caramel popcorn on a movies night in, or remaining a couch potato, then FORGET about it, you are not up to the challenge.  You have to understand and convince yourself  how your life patterns are completely wrong, and that it is about time to change them upside down. BUT this doesn’t mean that your life will turn into a living nightmare; that you’ll keep eating boring food for eternity or keep exercising 5 hours a day, it is just a firm decision within yourself that your lifestyle will change to a smart one that you should accept and get acquainted to over time.

on the web

on the web

1. The getting fit formula is: Eating healthy food + Regular Exercising + Sleeping well. You have to maintain this formula for life.

2. Do not skip any meal specially breakfast; cutting off too many calories or eating too little amounts of food could cause weight gain, as starvation puts the body into “starvation mode”, which means that the body stores fat as much as possible in order to make sure that the body is supplied with the needed nutrients in order to keep the body perform efficiently even if zero amounts of food were consumed. But that does not mean that you should be eating 24/7, an eating healthy food every 3-4 hours diet will keep your metabolism active. (You’d notice that you have lucky bastards friends who eat too much but hardly gain weight; there are two reasons for that: 1. they are born with high metabolic rate so stop envying them as much as I do and work on increasing yours :), 2. they choose healthy foods options and follow the 3-4 hours eating diet plan.)

3. Green tea, grapefruit, hot lemon water, ginger, cinnamon, you name it are metabolism boosters, not natural fat burners, and I personally hate consuming fat burners because once you stop them your body finds hard time to get acquainted to burning fat on its own without including chemicals -fat burners- to your diet.

4. Starvation causes depression, depression causes the production of a hormone called “cortisol”, this hormone increases the desire of eating carbohydrates, and weight gain from increased cortisol levels tends to collect around the stomach area. To lower cortisol levels; stress should be released through regular exercising and good sleeping patterns (7-8 hours a day). “Starving yourself” diets make you gain weight faster as once you are off the diet you eat too much in order to make it up for yourself.

5. The golden hours for fat burning during sleeping are from 10pm till 4am.

6. Healthy food does not have to be boring, you could always substitute fatty ingredients with healthy ones.

7. Whenever you crave certain foods eat them in small amounts before exercising.

8. You have to break your diet once a week as our bodies get acquainted to the diet that we are following which leads our bodies to stop burning calories, so breaking the diet means shocking the body with new eating patterns, which boosts our metabolism. Same applies for exercising, change your routine every two to three weeks in order to see positive results.

9. Protein burns fat more than any other nutrient as digesting it requires burning lots of calories and eating them after a weightlifting workout helps muscles recover, as for fibers contained in oats, brown bread, etc they keep you full for longer and burn lots of calories to be digested as well.

10. Our daily food intake should include all sorts of nutrients, if you exclude one of those, your body starts to work inefficiently hence your metabolic rate decreases considerably.

11. Carbohydrates are not only contained in Rice, Bread and Pasta some vegetables also contain carbohydrates, so make sure to understand the nutritious values of foods before consuming them to avoid exceeding your daily intake of each nutrient hence gain weight.

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