Why don’t you NEVER Say NEVER!!!

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.  You will never truly live if you are forever looking for the meaning of life.” — Albert Camus

Hello there,

Been a LONG time,ha??? I’m sure that you’ve already forgotten that this blog has ever existed -can’t blame you for that. Although everybody advised me to keep posting to not lose readers, I refused to listen to them as I wasn’t in the mood for writing, couldn’t force myself to or to write mediocre content to keep my traffic high, so let me tell you what has stopped me from posting.

We reach a point in life where we are completely lost, our heads filled up with ideas, plans & scenarios that we can hardly wait to put into action, awaiting impatiently for their positive outcome, only to be hit by the truth that we are somehow facing great difficulties to putting anything into action. Not that we are not capable to, it’s only because we underestimate our potential, we fear failure, or we just don’t know from where to start. So we end up; not achieving what we’ve been wishing for, giving ourselves hard time, blaming others, and the circumstances, persuading ourselves of how helpless we are, victims of the circumstances, one by one we poison our brains with negative ideas and surround ourselves with people who make us believe that we suck big time -as they suck and hate to see us succeed while they are still SUCKERS.

We over-think to the extent that we only focus on what we have not achieved -glass half empty-, rather than looking at what we have accomplished -glass half full-, so for instance if we lose 10 kgs we look desperately at the remaining 5 kgs, instead of celebrating how far we have gone, if we own a blog we look at how our traffic is low rather than thinking of how brave it was to have the guts to create a blog where we share our thoughts openly with the world, if we buy new things we look at the stuff that we do not own rather than counting our blessings, if we are not married by a certain age we fail to see the bright side of being single, etc. We NEVER see the good, we only see the bad. Instead of working hard on turning into an enhanced version of ourselves, we spread negative thoughts in our systems, till we are completely paralyzed, useless living deads we become.

I have stopped doing photography because I was afraid to capture bad shots with too many mistakes, or to be told by someone that I’m not as they expected me to be, I criticized my work to a crazy extent that I persuaded myself that I’m better off without it, who cares I’m not so good anyway and the truth is that most of the people I know, or that I have done photography with think that I’m really talented, I have won in three competitions, participated in 7 photography exhibitions, and I receive positive feedback from everyone. Blinded by negativity & stupid thoughts I haven’t done photography for SOOOO long and now while looking at old shots I feel like “why have I wasted all this time blaming myself for being a sucker, which I CERTAINLY am not, why haven’t I replaced these thoughts with hard work, enthusiasm and trophies???”.

Same goes for writing, I keep criticizing in a very negative way; my style, the content of my blog, its design, I even fail at officially launching it as I always think that it’s unsatisfying, needs lots of improvements and a lot more to be complete, not to mention that I never get tired of telling myself “who would read your crap, it’s not entertaining or useful anyway, there are lots of fish in the sea, you’ll need so many years to stand out or to call yourself a blogger. I need to study lots of books, read a lot, network, there is a long list ahead and I am so way behind, while everyone I know who’s passionate about other things have achieved a lot. I guess it won’t work, it seems that I’ll never fulfill my becoming a travel blogging dream.” SERIOUSLY, what the heck!!! Ever heard of someone who succeeded in anything without facing failures, and people who disliked his/her work??? Why can’t we just accept the fact that; perfection is non existent, no matter what we do some people will not admire what we do, success is a long way and failure is inevitable. That’s the ugly truth that once we accept  we’ll live happily ever after I GUESS. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Question is: Is it ever too late to achieve anything?

Answer is: Whether you are 8 or 80, it CERTAINLY is NOT. Get rid of your sick thoughts, move your butt and go get something done. You deserve to be a BETTER YOU, for God’s sake why don’t you NEVER Say NEVER…!!!

And YEAH, I’m literally thinking out loudly in this piece 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why don’t you NEVER Say NEVER!!!

  1. But I don’t understand why looking ever for the meaning of life makes someone not alive !!! Or as Camus said , ” will never live ” … !!!

    • because we usually look at the dark side of it, and forget to see its beauty. In addition, to over thinking about the future or the past to the extent that we forget to think about the present 🙂

  2. Yes True, and the key is how not to loose your passion toward something you do , I don’t know if these circumstances around and the depressing thoughts are enough to let someone’s passion down !!! ….. Although we believe it is not enough , we keep loosing it time after time without doing some efforts to not let it go ..

    • Believing is not enough, I usually believe that there are things that i do wrong but I do nothing to change that. Other times I believe I am wrong and I act very quickly to fix it, so it is belief mixed with the will to do something about it 😀

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