7 components that will make Egypt a better place

I am not a politics guru or even into politics. In fact, it’s been over a year since I have last followed closely what’s happening on the political scene, so my views are not biased or politically influenced at all.

I am citizen of a country that has one of the oldest, yet the richest civilizations, our ancestors have transferred a tremendous amount of knowledge to other nations; in art, agriculture, architecture, burial, etc. we were on top of the world, the dollar was worth few Egyptian piasters, Egypt lent money to England, chestnuts were sold in the streets instead of “termess” (lupine seeds prepared in a certain way with a bit of lemon, salt & cumin, eaten like nuts as snack) & “Homos el-Sham” (chickpeas boiled in water, served with a pinch of lemon and spices), our army brought Sinai back to us after a long series of wars with a trophy that dazzled the whole world.
We have the Nile, the Red Sea & the Mediterranean sea, we also have the sun & warm weather all year long, sandy beaches in the North Coast, an Islamic & Coptic heritage of mosques, churches and monuments, Pharaonic temples & tombs, Roman ruins, oases, mountains, sand dunes, desert, and the list goes on and on.

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Yet 40% of our population are below poverty line, prices are rising constantly, no medical insurance, no social care, increasing rates of unemployment, high rates of illiteracy, horrible traffic, a purely consumer nation rather than productive, importing everything from all over the world even unnecessary goods, unable to even manufacture Ramadan lanterns “Fawanis Ramadan” or matches, and in terms of tourism thanks to our phenomenal tourism makers we suck big time.

We brag about the past, believing that former glories are more than enough to cover our present & future failures, we always say “Isn’t it enough that we are the pharos’ grandchildren? That we once were more advanced than most of the current leading countries? That we dazzled the world with 6th of October trophy?,…”. I am here to tell you NO IT IS NOT, because currently we are nothing but a total failure, we are getting from bad to worse, we have nothing to show off, instead of improving or staying where we are our curse keeps declining. Our former glories are nothing but a reminder that we were once advanced, civilized, and developed, that reminder should push us forward not backwards. If we want to improve our present and build a better future, then it is about time to make change happen, to attain real progress, by then we can brag about our achievements, about our past, present and future.
In fact, Egypt lacks 7 components, that if were applied by the book, this country will truly be on top of the world. (Components are set in order of priority).

1. Implementing the “reward and punishment” policy

If only;

– this principle existed in Egypt,

– it was effectively applied,

– a worker/employee knew that her/his lack of work, laziness or  inefficiency will lead to punishment or even losing her/his job,

– each and every person knew that a hard worker or a results driven employee will be given rewards and incentives, will be appreciated by her/his boss and will advance in her/his career

– each and everyone knew that a hard worker will never be treated as a lazy one,

We wouldn’t be where we stand now.

2. Hard Work
Come on admit it, can we compare the intensity and quality of our work to the work done in developed countries? If it can be compared, we wouldn’t have been a developing country, right?

The equation is simple:

Putting all our efforts towards achieving PERFECT results no matter what it takes in the most cost effective, efficient way = BEST results.

Not to mention that implementing the “rewards and punishment policy” is a key component towards developing, since such rewards are what excite a person to perform efficiently, otherwise s/he would feel that it is all the same, so why putting so much effort into it??? Good work shall be rewarded, and there ain’t no room for passiveness.

Don’t blame it on circumstances, don’t discourage yourself by believing that we are too far from being developed, and don’t think that having 90 million inhabitants is a minus because if their efforts and hard work were put together and well employed, then this should be a plus –just like China.

If only we believed in our potentials and did our part, if only we put so much emphasis on the fact that in all religions/beliefs hard work is part of our worship, the change will come in no time. We will not need aids from anyone, or someone to feed us, we will be independent, and so other countries will come seek our help.

If only we stop taking it the easy way; begging for money instead of working hard and earning it, occupying -without any rights to- a certain location to work as valet and hunting people to pay few pounds instead of looking for a decent job, etc.

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3. Rule of law
Laws should be strictly applied in all aspects of our lives, having no room for infringement, and in case of breaking the law, strict proceedings should be put into force with no exception.

Start with yourself and stop putting all the blame on the government and the society; stop bribing, stop cheating, stop throwing the garbage in the street, stop breaking the law, stop driving recklessly, stop breaking driving rules. Be civilized, be human.
4. Stop persuading ourselves with the famous “Thank God we are better than other nations”

Rather than working hard towards becoming a better nation. God has taught us to be thankful for what we have, and has also taught us to work hard in order to improve. “التوكل وليس التواكل”. Yes we are better than lots of other nations, but we are also worse than so many others, so let’s challenge ourselves to be better, instead of bragging about being better than others, that after all we are not the worst.

5. Minding our own business

If only we mind our own business and stop criticizing people. We put so much effort and consume a hell of time analyzing other people’s behaviour, overlooking what this person said, how s/he reacted, who got married and who got divorced, and who is s/he friends with, rather than criticizing ourselves and working on improving.

And that is an indication of shallowness, having nothing more important to think about.

Looking at other nations, how they get the best out of their time on earth, always having something to get them busy, whether hard work, reading, meeting with friends, gathering with family, exercising, traveling, participating in social activities, volunteering, learning something new, while what most of us do is gossiping, talking crap and wasting our lives doing nothing that of benefit to us or our society. If only we have a life.

6. Competing with others FAIRLY

Competing with others fairly in order to become more successful and more advanced, rather than using the commonly used “back stabbing” technique.

7. Be open

to accepting other people’s opinions and views. Listen to each other, argue without fighting, hence discuss in a civilized way. Stop misinterpreting or mocking one’s ideas, even if they are total nonsense. That’s tolerance, freedom, yeah that’s democracy.

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