Lack of Responsibilities

Whether you are a guy or a girl saving for the future or for a rainy day is very important, but getting the best out of your limited time on earth is way more rewarding, so enjoy every moment and spend responsibly while you still don’t have huge responsibilities (like when you are married)

Traveling with a Partner Vs. Traveling Solo

Although traveling with a partner is worthwhile, but traveling while single can be AWESOME. You do whatever you feel like doing whenever you feel like it, without having to worry about what will your partner feel or think about it, or if s/he will be interested to join you or not, if s/he will let you do it or not, no jealousy, no controlling, only you & yourself.

No Need to Sacrifice

If you want to travel, you’ll travel without having to feel guilty about him/her for being doomed at work, or not being able to take sometime off because of a shitty boss, or worrying about saving the money for more important things.

No Time Constraints

Whenever you have a vacation balance and money, you will spontaneously book a ticket and go anywhere, no pre-planning is required or a 2 months’ notice/permission

Travel & Settle your Debts Later

You don’t have to worry if you are broke or indebted due to your last trip expenses, it’s not a big deal, no one is depending on you, so you can travel then settle your debts later.

You’re FREE to Decide

You choose your destination as you please be it a deserted island, or a swamp. You don’t need to persuade him/her of how enjoyable the place is.

Sleeping Anywhere

You sleep anywhere & stay in very cheap/un-luxurious places without having to worry about your partner’s impression, or worrying about him/her giving you hard time, because all what matters is getting some sleep to fill your tank & re-energize for next day’s adventures.

Take Risks as much as you can

You can risk anything with zero worries or feeling of guilt.

Packing can’t get any easier

You don’t have to worry about packing because if you forget something of his/hers, you’ll guiltlessly buy a brand new one.