2014 Resolutions (Updated)

Already February the 7th without a written 2014 Resolutions list, how strange…Why this delay? Probably I’m still under the “I cannot believe that after being completely desperate about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro since 2009, Dec. 31st, 2013 I was celebrating reaching its peak” effect??? Or the fact that I wanna do so many things that I find it hard to place them in one list, to be accomplished before 2014 ends.

Until this very moment I thought I can only tick one or two out of last year’s 16 resolutions, only to find out that I am more or less done with 9-10 out of 16…FANCY THAT!

The best place to get all the inspiration is during an intense workout, try it 🙂

So here they are:

  1. Becoming a Spinning, and/or Insanity trainer (that’s my no.1 goal).
  2. Maintaining a moderated healthy lifestyle and taking weight loss as part of the process.
  3. Creating a new blog that has the website feeling, updated with regular posts, doing a business around it and becoming one of National Geographic’s, Rough Guides’, Lonely Planet’s, or Travel Channel’s picks (in the process).
  4. Doing interesting studies somewhere in Europe.
  5. Completing my hiking gear to be completely ready whenever an opportunity arises.
  6. Taking a serious decision about what I wanna do with my career, and taking serious and decisive steps towards accomplishing it. Maybe quitting my job by July 2014 to start a new one, or quitting corporate life for good to do travel writing & teaching spinning for a living*.
  7. Writing a Travel Book & getting it published.
  8. Hiking the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu and the Amazon**.
  9. Not visiting any country/city where I have been before.
  10. Having a complete “Live like a local” experience.
  11. Volunteering somewhere in the world (Cambodia, Peru, DUNNO).
  12. Working for a Hostel in Europe.
  13. Doing Salsa or Rumba in Latin America or learn dancing moves in India.
  14. Attending a big/important football game in Europe with friends.
  15. Reaching another summit (Mont Blanc in the Alps, Toubkal in Morocco, or maybe another mountain).
  16. Joining an NOLS (nols.edu) program (very expensive, no idea how).
  17. Joining a big challenge (be it sports, photography, travel or travel writing related) and completing it successfully.
  18. Going on a Eurotrip: Portugal, Croatia (Plitvice Lakes) & Italy (Cinque Terre, Venice, Burano, Amalfi Coast & Capri) are on top of my list.
  19. Hiking the Black Forest.
  20. Cycling for a long distance, and reaching the borders of 2 different countries.
  21. Becoming regularly published in reputable online and printed magazines.
  22. Conquering one of my fears.
  23. Completing whatever hasn’t been completed from last year’s resolutions.***

Quick update (09/02/2014)    24.  Read 20 books.

25. Starting a parachuting training course (that’s my 27th birthday gift to myself).

Future Plan: Seriously considering becoming the 1st Egyptian female to reach Mount Everest’s highest peak.

* Reason why I’m hesitating about leaving my 9 to 5 job is that I believe that the more we have restrictions to do something the more we crave it, hence the fact that I am committed to a job and my non-flexible vacation make me crave traveling more. And I’m scared to lose this feeling that makes me feel alive.

** Some years ago my resolution was: If by 2014, I am not in a serious relationship and an accord with my partner that we’ll spend our honeymoon in South America, then I won’t keep myself anymore from not stepping a foot in there.

*** 2013 Resolutions…

  1. Will NEVER be FAT again, will do whatever it takes to be EXTREMELY fit. (50:50)
  2. Will pray MUCH more.
  3. Will become one HELL of a good Travel Blogger, buy my own domain & establish my own business around my Travel Passion.
  4. Will give more time, care & support to my family & friends.
  5. Will keep away from Politics (as I am).
  6. Will travel to cities and unknown places rather than capitals and famous places. (50:50)
  7. Will network & make new friends with like minded and POSITIVE people ONLY.
  8. Will do at least one activity that requires LOTS of Adrenaline rush.
  9. Will buy a new camera.
  10.  Will visit Mother Africa again or a continent where I’ve never been. (Tanzania)
  11.  Will swim in a river/sea/ocean where I’ve never swam.
  12. Will climb Mount Kilimanjaro or hike the Cinque Terre.
  13. Will apply in travel blogging & Photography contests & will win in at least one. (one of my articles was accepted to be published on worldnomads but was never published and I was never paid, hehe, and another was published on What Women Want Egyptian magazine).
  14. Will make at least one documentary about a place that I feel attached to. (made a Photomentary about Shere, in Guilford, England, UK).
  15. Will attend one international conference about Travel Blogging. (attended a workshop in London tutored by the Guardian Journalist Peter Carty).
  16. Learn first aid.

If you already don’t have one;

So go ahead, write it down, share it, everybody wants to get ideas & it works really well…


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