Sometimes, you just have to get away from it all, to escape from everyone & disconnect from everything, especially following a disastrous breakup, when your wounds are fresh and memories at home are omnipresent, when your family’s and friends’ pitiful look remind you of your failing relationship. Getting some serious space is crucial, it will help you stand up on your feet again, heal, move on and realize that you’d rather be single than being in a depressing relationship -where cons outweighs pros- and that being single is not the end of the world -absolutely not, it can be the beginning of it ;).

So put down all the chocolates, and fattening so-called “mood enhancers”, stop watching romantic comedies & drama, quit complaining to your friends 24/7, stop listening to sad songs, or going through old photos of you and your ex, get off that couch, pack your suitcase, book a ticket and just leave.

Woman leaving via flickr by galaxies and hurricanesWoman leaving via flickr by galaxies and hurricanes

“Traveling is an ideal way to reboot and refresh after a divorce -or a failing relationship- because it gives you a chance to physically and mentally get some distance from your ex, and look at things in a whole new light,” says Schaler, author of “Travel Therapy: Where do you need to go?”.
However you have to be very cautious when choosing your destination, the last thing you want is selecting one that is designed for couples; romantic cities, islands, and honeymoon spots,  activities that require a partner, or anything that has the “I need my significant other” kind of feeling.

So when newly single avoid;

  • Paris: where couples make out nearly everywhere, it totally has the love is in the air feeling.
  • Venice: one of the most picturesque & unique cities in Europe, with its gondola rides, and narrow alleys.
  • Shere (in England): where the Holiday was filmed, is not recommended at all as each step will remind you of Cameron Diaz’s & Jude Law’s love story. Also avoid any spot where your favorite romantic comedy was filmed, it will only make you feel bad and desperate for love.
  • Traveling during Christmas time to cities that truly celebrate it: Christmas trees, decorations & carols, gloomy weather that entails holding hands, and rain that requires a gentleman to hold you the umbrella.
  • Any destination that you were planning to visit together.

Instead, pick someplace that offers a challenge, join a daring experience, learn a new skill, climb a mountain, hike a scenic trek. Here are some ideas that will blow off your mind, yet will put an end to the “getting over my ex” chapter.

Couple under rain via flickr by Gregory BastienCouple under rain via flickr by Gregory Bastien

Master Italy’s Top Happiness-Inducing Dessert In the Gelato Capital Bologna

In 2 weeks, you will be able to invent your own flavors, hand-blend your desired ingredients, learn how to use the machines to swirl and freeze your masterpiece, while given all the necessary tips to start your own Gelateria back home (

Italian Gelato via flickr by JodiGrundigItalian Gelato via flickr by JodiGrundig

Meditate with Buddhist monks in South Korea

By joining a temple-stay program ( in one of the country’s dazzling temples, to be given the chance to follow their daily rituals, along with activities to promote self-reflection.

Temple-stay via flickr by Neville WoottonTemple-stay via flickr by Neville Wootton

Volunteer Somewhere

Not only you will be doing a good deed, but you will learn new skills, whether through building houses, teaching languages, working at an orphanage or jungle conservation, in addition to meeting with new people, maybe learning another language, living in a different culture like a local, & discovering new places.

Volunteering via flickr by Daniel Thornton

Belly Dancing Classes In Turkey

Istanbul has some of the finest belly dancing classes where you can shake that belly and get rid of all your negative feelings, without missing some traditional Turkish pampering in one of its oldest hammams.

Belly Dancing via flickr by Krisztina.KonczosBelly Dancing via flickr by Krisztina.Konczos

Stay Away From Humans

Because staying around animals can be more rewarding. How about Gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda? A once in a lifetime experience that will give you a true adrenaline rush. It will take adventure to another level, as you will be spotting gorillas, getting up close and personal to such beautiful creatures, without any fences or limitations.

Baby Giraffe via flickr by JudeBaby Giraffe via flickr by Jude