10 Brilliant Ways Traveling Will Heal You


Thought Catalog

Flickr / Basheer TomeFlickr / Basheer Tome

While Traveling may seem like something that comes at an exorbitant price, it’s not true. Traveling can mean going to the closest city; making a trip to the countryside that you drive by having never stopped to soak in its sheer beauty.

Innumerable travel books will give you tips on how to travel to gorgeous places on a shoe string budget. But, embark on a wanderlust journey I say…You owe it to yourself!

1. Breakaway

When you step out of the space you’ve been in day after day, you get out of the “mental blocks” too. The knots in your head begin to untangle. Suddenly, you don’t mind rolling down the windows to let in the fresh air on the highway; your stressed thoughts are slowly getting left behind. Whatever the weather, sunny or chilly- you feel the excitement and novelty of going somewhere for leisure…

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