Last May of 2017, I have decided to put an end to my corporate slavery, & June 15th to be exact was my last day.


It started with so much frustration due to unfulfilled promises, not handling any more orders from anyone whatsoever, being stuck in an office from 8 till 5 while doing a job that SHOULD be done remotely -a content manager for a travel agency I was- was eating me alive, for God’s sake it should be filled with travel & discovery, working from home, or from anywhere wasn’t even an option even when I asked for it, for almost 9 months I was working alone, handling the work of a whole department, forced into doing it because they were too lazy or “too busy” to hire new people, but what killed me the most is this feeling of realizing someone else’s dream just for the sake of the pay at the end of the month.


I started to always have to find an excuse to not show up to work, how can I tell them I didn’t show up because I cannot stand this place anymore. I started to feel like a complete failure, as I stopped enjoying the job I am passionate about and left my promising legal for.

I hated every minute of my job, the minute I parked my car in the work parking lot the minute oxygen was sucked off my lungs, I would take a heavy breath telling myself; another day of “crap” it shall pass, and when it’s time to leave I take a deep sigh of relief, feeling like back from the dead.


Not only I wanted to quit my job, but corporates for once and for all, though I know how I get depressed when I am job-less but I’ve reached that point when all I care about is leaving my HORRENDOUS UNFULFILLING job.


Yet it was not an easy decision, I cried so many nights, everyone around me disapproving of my decision, sometimes I would not even sleep or cry myself to sleep. An idea was haunting me; the thin line between I can’t survive at my job, and I cannot survive without the monthly pay either.


Until I started to pull myself together, get support from everybody aroud me who started to feel my pain, one only lives once, & I can bare the consequences of my decision, and I just QUIT.