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Experience (2): Plane Chase

(Please read Experience (1) first as it is a series of events ;)…ENJOY)


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Emile & Karen went to the lady at the tickets check telling her that she had to find us a flight to Jo’burg, so her reply was that she’ll find us seats in the South Africa Airways flight heading to Jo’burg in a couple of hours. THE LADY WAS LYING, THERE WAS NO FLIGHT. After they talked & yelled at another guy, they got us single rooms in a 5 stars hotel back in Nairobi, breakfast at the transit area, lunch in the hotel and air tickets to Jo’Burg scheduled to leave Nairobi at 8:40pm…I was & wasn’t Wowing about it (wasn’t: 1. because I was already planning to go to Kenya right after South Africa & 2. I was psychologically prepared to go directly to SA, so I was DISAPPOINTED, VERY DISAPPOINTED, was: because after a bloody hectic day we’ll get to get the least that could have been done by the damned Kenya Airways so called Pride of Africa). So we went to the transit area to have our breakfast, Emile waited in the row 2 get us breakfast vouchers, we tried to log onto the internet, but in vain, although lots of the transiters around us had access. I wanted to find a way to contact my parents because I knew that if I didn’t update them of our status they’ll get extremely anxious, but the roaming service wasn’t working as well. The transit area was nice, full of people, and the overall of the airport is not bad at all –thought that Kenya Airport will be the worst, but it really isn’t, I can call it an average one. We went to the restaurant, we could see the rain from the window facing our table & the aircrafts landing and taking off. There was birds flying, it was raining all the way, the weather was fresh & nice. I didn’t eat half of the breakfast that was composed of Red Beans -that tasted very sweet as it is served with sweet ketchup sauce, yuuuuk!, strange eggs neither omelet nor scrambled, sausages, fries, bread, butter & jam-, as it was somehow strange and untasty. I had two cups of Pure Kenyan Tea for the first time, that was AWESOOOOOOOOME.

We stayed in place until we started to get ready to go, we filled in the Visa application forms, went to the visa counters, got our Transit Visas and VOILAAAA our bags are not there yet, we waited for like half an hour, started taking pictures, Dr. Mohamed slept on the floor, and finally here are the bags, we are heading to the hotel to get some sleep, Youpiiiiiii!!!

Life is sadly not easy, a little unfair? we waited in the bus for another half an hour, & only God knows what the HELL were we waiting for. Some travelers came along a nun and an asian guy as far as I remember…Then we finally moved, but it seemed like the ENDLESS ROUTE, I’ve got to say “OH MY GOD” in Janice’s way -F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom-, it was FREAKIN’ CROWDED, the bus wasn’t moving, we started to make up jokes & laugh hysterically about what has been going on since we put our feet on the Kenyan territory, Karen slept, Christine got stunk by some kind of Kenyan bug. We arrived to a nice hotel and were READDDDYYY to go, but it turned out to not be OURS…DAMMMMMMN!!! The driver was SO DAMN STUPID. He took us to our hotel in another 1 hour or even more, so we spent 2 hours and a half in the traffic. Viva Egypt’s Traffic (no kidding).

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At last, we arrived at the hotel “Lycos 5*”, we were already exhausteeeed, the lunch was already set, so we decided to check in, to drop our luggage, go eat, then sleep. At the Restaurant, the food was AWESOME, I liked it very much (unfortunately I don’t remember the names of the dishes), there was Lamb meat, Aubergine, Rice, all Kenyan Traditional, had the worst Lime Soda ever, and for dessert I had Pineapples, Papaya- called Paw Paw- & Passion fruit. It began to rain fiercely right after we finished the main course. As soon as I was done eating I so wanted to walk in the rain, actually their rain is totally different from ours. What we have is SO CALLED rain, but what they have is SHOWER RAIN, and it literally is. I walked a little around the pool (where we were having lunch), then ran to hide from the rain, but unfortunately I fell on the sliding floors, God that hurt, all i was concerned about is that my camera doesn’t fall as well, Emile, Wally & Karen helped me get up, then we all went back to our rooms to get some sleep, I took a shower, put on my pajamas, made my 3 minutes free calls (Called my Lovely sister Ingy back in Cairo & Habiba in Kenya who told me that she won’t be able to come see me as she finishes work at 5pm and we were supposed to leave at 6pm), then slept. It took me a long time to sleep, but finally I slept, dunno for how long but when i woke up I felt like I haven’t slept at all. Packed again, headed to the reception for check out, again suffering from stomacheaches, mustn’t be very familiar with African food yet, so Dr.Mohamed gave me medicine. At 6pm sharp we were on the bus, it was a minibus, driven by a woman. On the way we were on the verge to kill her, she kept telling us every half an hour that we only have 15 kilos left, but those 15 kilos seemed like FOREVER, an hour after the other went by, already two hours and a half on the road with no hope to making way to Jo’Burg…With extreme anxiety mumbling in the back of our heads “Oh my GOOOOD, NOOOOOOOO, NOT AGAIIIIN, we will miss our flight again and will never get to Jo’Burg, the Photography Expedition dream is slowly fading away”. It is already 8:30pm, GAME IS OVER 😦

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