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The Next Challenge (1)

Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge (should be accomplished by mid 2013)



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A month and a half ago, I have decided to join a nice gym in order to lose all the excessive weight that I have gained for the last 10-15 years & get fit in order to be able to do all the activities that I have always wanted to do, without being told that there are weight or fitness restrictions, namely: sky diving, cycling tour around Europe, doing a tiring hike that requires a lot of fitness, river rafting, go bungee jumping, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, etc.


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Yesterday was October 15th, 2012.
While attending a spinning class & enjoying every movement, I closed my eyes for a few seconds inhaling & exhaling I thought to myself “What if I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro NOW?.” I suddenly felt that I am holding my hiking sticks not the bike’s grip, that I am climbing on hills struggling my way through not pedaling on the bike, that the songs that I’m listening to are the sound of nature surrounding the top of Africa, that the fresh air on the top of Africa is getting its way through my lungs. I opened my eyes & smiled while thinking “I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro next year, yeah that’s the next challenge.”

I do not have a specific interest at climbing mountains, do not want to be a mountaineer one day, not even quite sure if after climbing Kilimanjaro I will have any interest to climb other summits, but I know deep down that if I climb that one I will prove to myself and to everyone that I have accepted the challenge to lose weight, to get fit, to be brave enough to be on top of Africa.
I’ve started to read Zombies on Kilimanjaro, read posts about the training needed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro…It became a real OBSESSION…


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Today October 16th, 2012.
I’m getting more obsessed, the feeling is getting stronger & stronger. I’ll go to the gym for a couple of hours today, an hour at the gym & another doing Athletic Pump.

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