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The Next Challenge (2)

Now Hiking the Himalayas

October 16th, 2012.

I have started to have panic attack from what they call Altitude Sickness, so I started to learn more by googling & reading posts about it, one of the articles said:

Don’t Die of Altitude Sickness

Every year, people die of altitude sickness. All of these deaths are preventable. If you are travelling above 2500m (8000ft), read this information and tell your companions about it – it could save your life.

“Don’t die of altitude sickness”!!!! What a shocking header, it really made me more anxious than I was, I definitely wouldn’t even climb stairs anymore, hehe. After going through the article I found out that it only happens when you ascend fast or climb more than you should in one day or to not follow the guide’s instructions,THERE IS NO NEED TO PANIC…ha!!!

by National Geographic

I attended the Athletic Pump class which is defined by the gym as a “class in which you move every major muscle which helps at increasing bone density & speed up metabolism for rapid fat burning.” Pretty intense it is, haaa? You keep lifting a bar weighted around ten kilograms, you do squats, lunges, triceps, biceps, hips, thighs, abs, calves, you move every little thing in your body. I really enjoy this class although it is very painful & requires lots of effort, but with every squat I do I just feel that I’m closer to reaching my goal “Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro”, I close my eyes in pain while lifting the bar, smiling & telling myself “Stay strong, lift the bar, bear the pain, you can definitely do it, you are getting closer to your Kilimanjaro dream”

That night I have started to read a book called “Zombies on Kilimanjaro” as I’ve found the ad on that turned out to be very informative & descriptive of the hike. I have learned a lot about; the mountain, the so-called relation between Global warming & the fact that the ice on top of the mountain has been melting for hundreds of years, but I guess there should be much more to learn.

October 17th, 2012

Attended another Spinning class; we were cycling on high resistance while listening to an Indian chill-out song. The movements were very slow, it just felt like climbing on a steep mountain, I closed my eyes smiling, but this time it wasn’t Mount Kilimanjaro that I had thought of, it was the Himalayas, I had a strong feeling that I’m in Nepal taking pictures of small villages, of monks, of buddha temples, of little children playing, of me with people in a bus heading to an amazing place, cycling in small towns while wearing a funny wooden hat, hiking the Himalayas.

by National Geographic

OH WOW, no wonder why I enjoy Spinning Classes so much, it really takes me to another place, places where I should belong.

In the back of my mind: “FOCUUUUUS, finish Mount Kilimanjaro hike then think of the Himalayas.”

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