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The NOW or NEVER Transformation moment…

One day she woke up, looked at the mirror, staring at her reflection, she got distracted thinking that she looks good, not great but OKAY, it doesn’t really matter, probably a bit chubby, a bit overweight, but who cares, she likes herself the way she is, she has been like this for almost 10 years, she is convinced that she is cute in her chubbiness, but in fact she is not, she is just persuading herself that she likes the way she is because she does not have the will or persistence to change, she thinks that Hollywood stars’ body shapes are unattainable, she believes that she is meant to be fat, and that she does not have any other option. Food to her is a pleasure to the extent that she would give up a fit, in shape body to enjoy a delicious meal or a mouthwatering dessert, chilling on the couch is much more enjoyable than a 20 minutes jog, an aerobics class, or weight-lifting at the gym.

on the web
on the web

She suddenly saw the story of her life; a 25 years old young lady who is always told that she looked older than she was, who cannot be squeezed in a car with her friends as she is too fat to be squeezed, who wouldn’t eat much in front of strangers to avoid being told that she eats too much hence that she’s fat, who wouldn’t ask for help while shopping as she’s petrified to hear or feel that her big size will not be available, etc.

She thought to herself again that she was meant to be “FAT”…. But Hell NOOOOO, that is totally untrue, in fact she has two options, it’s whether she forces herself to like the way she is; which is a total failure or she moves her butt off that couch -for God’s sake she’s not 90 years old to spend her time eating on the couch-, keep away from that damn fridge it contains the delicious food that made her fat in the first place, accept the challenge with patience and persistence, live every day in & every day out towards healthy living.  The change has to come from deep inside, the NOW or NEVER transformation moment is about to start…

Four months ago -till present- she started her strict diet, she practices at the gym 5-6 times a week, dieting and exercising have become her one and only obsession, the most important part of her daily routine, she goes there not only because she wants to lose weight, she goes there to feel strong, healthy, fit, in shape, and able to participate in all sorts of activities, she gave up on everything just to see herself accomplishing her “weight loss & getting in shape” dream. But what made her succeed or getting closer to success? Why this time? Why not before? Simply because the NOW or NEVER decision came from deep inside. Not seeing her body pleasant anymore, keeping hating herself for being fat, looking at herself in the mirror in disgust, starting to not enjoy unhealthy food always telling herself “stop eating this, isn’t it the reason behind you being a fat ass?” and having a constant feeling of guilt while eating them, or seeing the fat in the food turning into an extra fatty area in her body. Maybe she didn’t look that bad, maybe she wasn’t the fattest human on the planet, but hating herself that much with the intention of changing her lifestyle upside down, by eating better, living healthier, exercising more without getting tired or bored were her motive and were the key to her success.

on the web
on the web

Wondering who is she, I’m glad to tell you that I’m talking about me 🙂

No matter how old, fat or unfit you are, it is never too late to start the journey towards weight loss, getting fit and in shape. So get your butt off that couch and get ready for the new you.
A fact: You’ll NEVER see yourself as fat as you are until you lose weight, once you start losing weight, becoming closer to your dream body, having your size dropping, you’ll see the old you as a polar bear.

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