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Travel Passion Vs. Fitness Obsession!!!

Haven’t written any travel articles for almost a month -and for that I sincerely apologize-,  I don’t know what suddenly occured to me, after I was extremely enthusiastic and so into travel blogging, I suddenly stopped completely. Maybe because I felt that I am not in control of my time, due to the fact that my one and only goal for now is weight loss. I even don’t know what has driven me to reach the conclusion that NOW -at this very moment- I have to lose weight and be fit. I have been trying for so many years, for 15 years, since I was ten in fact, to lose weight, but everytime I followed a diet then got bored, started exercising, lost a couple of kilograms and then decided that I now look good, I don’t need to lose any more weight, then I start gaining the kilograms that I have lost in the first place, to return to point zero. Until I decided end of August 2012 that I have to make an extreme makeover before I turn 26, although I have made that decision so many times, but this time was different, it felt so real and so attainable. I have tortured my personal trainer by me being depressed all the time, hopeless to be fit or in shape.


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I really have no idea what triggered this goal inside me, maybe because by then I had plans to spend a Ski trip in Switzerland and I thought that being fit will allow me to master skiing easily, and to do fun activities requiring high levels of fitness, I also had plans to go shopping in Prague in Christmas time, so I wanted to buy new clothes size medium and small instead of large & x-large. Maybe the decision was taken after I have spent 3 months in Switzerland and fell in love with traveling and doing adventures more, maybe because I felt that it is about time to become fit in order to be able to do all sorts of activities without having fitness or weight restrictions, I don’t know, I always wonder what triggered me.  Truth to be said, I am overwhelmed that this time I’m very serious about my weight loss plans, I’m actually losing weight and fats, I’m becoming stronger and much more fit, from zero running capabilities to a 20 minutes jog that could go longer if I want, my size dropped from large and x-large to medium and rarely small, I easily find pants that fit, I do nothing but worrying about becoming fit, in shape and having a role model -who is Bar Refaeli if you insist to know :)-, I feel terribly guilty when I miss a day at the gym, I  24/7 read about drinks and foods that increase metabolism, about how my lifestyle should be in terms of nutrition and exercising, I keep convincing everyone around me whether fit or overweight to make exercising and following a healthy diet a lifestyle, I’m always concerned to keep myself in a good mood to avoid the production of cortisol in my system, it has become an obsession, I have no time to think about anything else.

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This is how my lifestyle has become:
– Sunday-Wednesday: work, lunch, chilling at home for a couple of hours, gym for 2 hours, prepare food for the next day, shower then sleep.
– Thursday-Friday: my recovery days, Friday I head to the gym to do the necessary measurements, then start eating like a PIG, it is my FREE day (wouhouuu) → I usually meet up with my friends or spend sometime with my folks.
– Saturday: I go out then go to the gym or vice-versa or I stay home sleeping all day and go to the gym at some point.

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As you see my schedule is fully booked. My friends & family have started hating me, they now understand how dieting and exercising is a TOP priority to me, and that I could skip anything to reach my goal. The other day my best friend told me: “I really want to go out with you, without you telling me I really have to run as I have a class or a session to attend at the gym”.
I also have been trying to arrange a trip with my friends for more than 3 months, but since nothing is put into action, the very thought of travel brings tears to my eyes, my parents are not allowing me to travel alone and I don’t feel like it either, so thinking about traveling, reading or writing about it is TRULY annoying me nowadays, it is a burden, needless to say that my time and my mind are going in a completely different direction, but I cannot deny that although it is a different direction, it will certainly serve me in future travels, which I am quite sure that will have a totally different dimension, I will be able to go on hiking and trekking trips, I will FINALLY be able to climb small mountains like Kilimanjaro in Tanzania-Kenya and Toubkal in Morocco, I might apply for a course at NOLS, or find a job at National Geographic. I believe that only two things will get me back on the travel blogging track:
1. Becoming strong, fit, in shape, capable of doing all sorts of activities without any restrictions.
2. Being part of  a mind blowing trip somewhere EXOTIC where I have never been and where I could test my newly acquired fitness level.
I know that if I see this difference while hiking, trekking, cycling or doing any activity requiring a good fitness level, it will lift my spirit up high to the sky and I’ll be back on track.

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Wish me luck and do not give up because IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING 😉

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