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When Laundry prevents you from Sleeping…

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It was my first time ever to do my laundry, since back in my hometown my amazing mum does it for me. I was on a three months internship in Bern, Switzerland, so I had to do it for myself, and use for the very first time a washing machine and a drier -in the place where I was staying, doing the laundry had to be done through a pre-booking of the machine & drier, 1 hour of washing & 50min of drying. The first time went great, everything was neat & clean, I put my laundry in the drier & had SUPER results. The next two to three times were DISASTROUS, the laundry came out totally wet, covered with soap, OMG I have to wash off the soap & squeeze all the laundry hard in order to have it ready to be put in the drier, the results were still HORRIBLE; somehow unfully dried, smelling funny -unaired-, impossible to use, so I had to do the washing all over again with the same wet results, but the decision was made to not use the drier and to have all the clothes half wet hanged & thrown in every corner in the room, hoping that it will get dry by next morning. Apparently there is a problem with the washing machine I thought, maybe I should use another machine the next wash.

Actual Laundry place
Actual Laundry place photo taken by me

It was the night before going to Barcelona it was a trip VERY quickly planned, planned in terms of logistics, nothing else. At first, I was planning to go to Croatia mainly to visit Plitvice Lakes but I couldn’t find any reasonably priced flight tickets, and going by train was a torturous 14 hours long journey and up to 8 hours from Zagreb to Plitvice, and I’ll be all alone, nooo that’s a little too much. Barcelona’s one hour flight costing 60€ on Swissair as it was a last minute booking, and a 16 per night at Serenity Gotic hostel at a females dorm sounds like a PRACTICAL plan ;).

Collage of Barcelona City, Gaudi's artwork - on the web
Collage of Barcelona City, Gaudi’s artwork – on the web

The night before, I had lots of laundry to do, all my clothes, literally all my clothes were dirty, except the t-shirt and pants that I was wearing -half dirty they were but they were my only option to wear. I put them at once in the washing machine, hoping & praying that it will get out half dry & soapless as it should be, but AGAIIIIIN, it was totally wet & covered with soap, I have no time for this MESS really, if my clothes don’t get dry by next morning, I will have nothing to wear in Spain, I will have nothing to wear tomorrow at work, oh noooo. “What on earth can I do now? It’s 12am, I am so EXHAUSTED, I wanna sleep & all my clothes are DIRTY…Ok, ok, take a deeeeeeep breath, wash the soap off, squeeze the laundry hard put them in the drier, things can’t go wrong for the fourth time, it’s gonna work out.” I thought to myself. After a 50min round in the drier the laundry was half weeeeeeeet, “No no nooooo, what mistake could I be doing in here? are all the machines malfunctioning, or am I a stupid jerk? My only option in order to have my clothes ready for tomorrow is putting them again in the drier, maybe I’ll leave them in the drier for the whole night, yeah it sounds like a plan. I have to make sure first that the driers are not pre-booked, oh thank GOD they are not. But, what if all my clothes shrinked from overheating? or if somebody stole my clothes while I’m asleep? All my clothes are in there, I have to make a wise decision. Well It doesn’t matter, all my options SUCK.” I woke up at 6am, checked if my laundry was still there & if it got dry. Oh well, I must be finally lucky because it’s still there, totally dry, unsmelly & ready to be used. I started to pack, lied in bed for 30 min, then got ready to go to work. Seems like a Bloody HECTIC day is on its way.

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on the web

Moral of the story: For a satisfying laundry experience, NEVER stuff ALL your belongings in the washing machine at once, NEVER stuff it till it can barely be closed, because the machine can carry a limited number of items, if you exceed this number, the results will be as DISASTROUS as mine. Oh daaaaamn, is that why I have been failing to do the laundry???!!! hahaha, hell yeeees!

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